Playing Rules

1. Only 5 players from each side will be allowed on the pitch at any one time.

2. Any teams fielding suspended players (players who are suspended by County FA’s are suspended from all football) will have the
match awarded against them and the player will be reported to the County FA.

3. Each team will consist of 4 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper. Squads may consist of up to 10 players.

4. Players must be attired in proper strips and footwear, including shin pads. Studded boots and blades are not allowed.

5. The referee will decide who kicks off at the start of a match. After a goal is scored the match is restarted from a kick off from the centre spot. A centre kick can be played in any direction and a goal can be scored direct from a kick off.

6. Only the defending keeper is allowed in the goal area. Keepers must distribute the ball under arm and below waist height, failure to do so will result in a free kick being awarded 3M from where the ball left the penalty area.
A defending outfield player who enters the penalty area to play the ball or to seek to gain an advantage will have a penalty kick awarded against him. However if the defender plays the ball but his momentum takes him into the area this is not an offence.
An attacking outfield player playing the ball or seeking to gain advantage from entering the goal area will have a free-kick awarded against him which will result in a keeper throw out. However if the attacker plays the ball outside the penalty area but his momentum takes him into the area this is not an offence.

7. A goal may be scored from any point outside the goal area. (Except from indirect free kicks)

8. The goal keeper must return the ball to the field of play by rolling it underarm below waist height. Failure to do so will result in an indirect free kick awarded against him 3m outside the area. All throw ins from the edge of the pitch will also be returned underarm below waist height.

9. Back passes are allowed however the ball may not be returned to the player who made the backpass until another outfield player has touched the ball and vice versa i.e. a player receiving a pass from the keeper cannot return the ball to the keeper until another player has touched the ball.

10. A penalty will be awarded against a goal keeper if he leaves the
area to seek advantage against the attacking team.

11. Unlimited substitutions are allowed but only during dead ball
situations and with the referee’s permission. Substitutes must enter the field of play from behind their goal.

12. The game shall end if any team is reduced to 3 players due to
misconduct. The other team shall be awarded the tie with a 3-0 victory or the current score, whichever provides the greater goal difference.

13. The ball may be played above head height.

14. A player who commits any of the following offence will be awarded a indirect free kick against him: Charges an opponent, Body checks an
opponent, Slide tackles, Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent, Trips or attempts to trip an opponent, Jumps at an opponent, Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent, Pushes or holds an opponent, Deliberately handles the ball. Defenders must not encroach within 3m of a free kick.

15. Penalty kicks must be taken with one step.

16. Violent conduct, including spitting at an opponent or a referee on or off the pitch, will lead to the immediate suspension of the
individual concerned for the duration of the game. Footie Fives reserves the right to ban any individual or team from all future participation in the leagues or tournaments.

17. When a team fails to show up for a fixture the opposing team will
receive a 5-0 victory.

18. If any team fails to show up more than once in a season they may be expelled from the league.

19. Any team failing to show up for a fixture will have deemed to have forfeited their deposit of £50. Any teams withdrawing from the League at the end of a season and have had 100% attendance will be entitled to the refund of their deposit.

20. At all dead ball situations opposing players must stand 3M from the ball.

21. Payment of match fees must be made before the start of play.

22. Each match will consist of two 14 minute halves, the Referee has the right to reduce playing time where required. The Referee is the sole timekeeper. At half time players must change ends as quickly as possible in order to keep games on schedule.

22. The FA allows small sided football to operate a sin-bin, players showing ill discipline may be asked to leave the field of play for 3 minutes due to infringement of the Laws of Association Football. At this time teams will play short until the player exits the sin-bin. Players may also be cautioned or sent off and reported to the local County FA.