Footie Fives FAQ


When & Where?

Please go to individual Town pages.

How long are the games?

All games last 30 minutes.

What time do the games start?

Games start times vary depending on location. However if you do have time constraints we can try to reflect this in the fixtures.

What happens at the end of a season?

Once the season has been completed two teams from each division
(apart from division 1) are promoted to the next division. Two teams
are also relegated from each division (apart from the lowest division).

What if this is our first time at 5 a side?

You wont be the only one ! We have teams of all abilities and
the league structure ensures you will play teams of similar
ability providing close, entertaining matches.

What if I don’t have enough players for a team?

No problem, just visit the Forums where you can find
other teams looking for players on the notice board. You can
have as many players as you like as there are unlimited substitutions.

What if our team is not registered?

Don’t worry we take care of all the necessary paperwork with
the FA, all you have to do is turn up and play !

What equipment do I need?

Some teams play in their own strips, but you are more than
welcome to use the bibs available. Any astro shoes or regular
trainers are suitable. All you need are shin pads.

How much does it cost?

Registration and FA affiliation is absolutely FREE! All you
provide is a initial £50 deposit, fully refundable, to for your
commitment to a 7-week season. It costs £28 (£35 in Ealing) for the weekly
match. For a team of 7 players that's less than 2 pints each per week!

Where can I find the rules?

You can find the rules here

What are Terms and Conditions?

A copy of the Rules and the Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Sounds great, how do I join?

Simple!, all you have to do is fill out and
return the application form on the brochure.

To get a brochure fill the brochure request form,
or send mail to, or
call 0870 770 1932.