Cambridge Results for 11/11/2013 (Season 43)

Division 1
Pars3Tiger Blood1
DENCH United4The Roos8
Barcaloonies FC3FC Passelona3
Bayer Neverlosen2Legend FC1
Division 2
Aerosmith United2Milton Goats FC4
The Orange Foxes4Minervanova1
What a Kerfuffle2Rubberducks3
Division 3
Crazy Horse7Man titty4
FNF FC1Athletico Savills9
GT Castilla1PIVO4
The Pests4Fiveskins3
Division 4
The Ratz0Price Vinters Select0
Paralympiakos8CCP FC1
Tuggers FC1Clare Wanderers1
Real Ale Madrid2Grant Thornton2
Division 5
Aardvarks and Ancient Shepherds1BHS JETS!!4
FC Swagenham and Redbridge4Spiraling Aardvarks0
Strongbow FC5Mills and Reeve0
Camouflage FC1Carter Jonas2

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